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Kingo Greenland has extensive experience working in Greenland and possesses a deep understanding of local conditions and regulations. Similarly, we have the necessary expertise to handle large and complex demolition tasks. Kingo Greenland has previously completed projects for housing associations, municipalities, contractors, as well as the Government of Greenland.

We offer:

  • Environmental remediation
  • Demolition
  • Decommissioning and scrapping

When demolition or renovation is carried out, hazardous substances are handled with respect for people and the environment.


Kingo Grønland ApS was established in 2015 through an equal collaboration between the parent companies Kingo Karlsen A/S, Silkeborg, Denmark, and Permagreen Grønland A/S, Nuuk, Greenland. The two parent companies have jointly undertaken major projects in Greenland since 2005 and chose to formalize their collaboration by establishing the joint venture Kingo Grønland ApS in the spring of 2015.

The collaborative work between Kingo Karlsen A/S and Permagreen Grønland A/S naturally occurs through a tried-and-tested partnership. We have an in-depth understanding of each other's routines and working methods, and due to our respective sizes, we possess both resources and personnel to tackle very large projects.

Learn more about Permagreen Grønland here.


When we take on a task, you as a customer may rest assured that through our quality procedures safety and environmental regulations, as well as neighbour considerations, are taken into account. Once we have completed a task, you will receive a comprehensive report of what has been carried out. This way, you can present documentation if it becomes necessary in the future.