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Do you have an outdated production or transportation facility, or have you acquired a property where steel structures or tank facilities obstruct future developments?

Kingo has the knowledge and solutions to efficiently and environmentally remove the facilities you need cleared. We can handle even the most complex dismantling tasks. Nothing is too large or heavy:

  • Factory facilities
  • Port facilities
  • Boilers and power plants
  • Steel chimneys
  • Transport facilities
  • Tank facilities
  • Steel halls and similar

We ensure that we address all environmental and safety aspects from the planning stage. We have broad-based experience and bring the best, most efficient decommissioning solutions into play.

Fully documented safety, environmental responsibility and recycling

When Kingo's specially trained employees take on a task, you can rest assured that both occupational health and safety, the external environment, and all regulations regarding proper disposal will be responsibly managed throughout the environmental remediation process.

When we take on a task, we ensure through our quality procedures that you, as a customer, can rest assured that safety regulations, environmental rules, and neighbor considerations are taken into account.

When we have completed our task, you will receive a full report, describing precisely how we carried it out. This means that you can, if necessary, subsequently produce documentation for the process.

Accredited management systems add value for our clients

Kingo is certified in Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), and Occupational Health and Safety Management (DS/ISO 45001). Additionally, we are subject to Danish regulatory schemes (Demolition Industry's Environmental Control Scheme and the control scheme under the Danish Asbestos Association), which independently inspect that our environmental remediation is conducted correctly.