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For many years, Kingo has been removing environmentally hazardous substances from buildings. Our experience has not only made us specialists in removing these substances but also in locating them – including hidden occurrences that are only discovered during the demolition process itself. This means that as a customer, you receive the most optimal advice and a realistic overview of the economy. By conducting a thorough environmental mapping before demolition, both people and the environment are best protected, while also limiting unforeseen costs during the demolition project.

Kingo has experience with material sampling of:

  • Asbestos
  • PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)
  • Chlorinated paraffins
  • PAH (tar substances)
  • Heavy metals including lead

Kingo also performs purity checks after remediation work, including measurements of asbestos in the air (asbestos air measurements) and dust (asbestos dust samples). The samples are taken using professional equipment and stored securely in airtight bags before being sent for analysis at an accredited laboratory.

Kingo has, among other projects, conducted environmental mapping of Hangar 1 at Copenhagen Airport, Munkebjergparken in Odense, Neckelmann in Silkeborg, as well as numerous private residences.

Transparent environmental mapping report ready for use

As documentation of our work, you will receive an environmental mapping report that can be used for tender material for demolition or renovation contracts, as well as waste notifications to the municipality.