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Kingo has the expertise and capacity to perform complete demolition

Kingo carries out complete demolition of buildings and structures throughout Denmark. We handle both large and small demolition tasks, ranging from small sheds to large residential complexes, schools, and hospitals. We also perform blasting tasks.

Safety in controlled and environmentally managed complete demolition

Kingo's skilled employees handle complete demolition tasks with the utmost professionalism. The employees are thoroughly trained and follow a structured training program to ensure they are well-prepared for the tasks.

Before commencing the demolition of a building, Kingo ensures that all documentation and permits are in order, and that any potentially hazardous materials have been removed from the building.

Demolitions are carried out in a controlled and environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that you receive a finished demolition project that you can confidently proceed from.

All demolitions are conducted with consideration for the environment. For us, construction waste is a resource that can be recycled or reused, helping to conserve nature from further resource exploitation.

Controlled demolition with respect for the surroundings

When Kingo carries out demolitions where special considerations are necessary, we conduct vibration measurements, monitor noise, and limit dust emissions.

We also inform neighbors who might be affected by the demolition work, so they are aware of what is going on and can feel secure while Kingo performs the demolition.

Controlled blasting

Before a blast is carried out, Kingo always conducts a risk assessment of the task. We typically use controlled blasting in the following situations:

  • In vibration-sensitive areas.
  • Where the use of machinery is not an option.
  • Where tight schedules require rapid removal.

Documentation of safety, environment, and reuse

When we undertake a task, we ensure through our quality procedures that you, as a customer, can be confident that safety, environmental regulations, and neighbor considerations are taken into account.

Once we have completed a task, you will receive a comprehensive description of the work carried out. You can thus later present documentation if it becomes relevant.

Certified and controlled demolition

Kingo is certified in Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), and Occupational Health and Safety Management (DS/ISO 45001). Additionally, we are subject to Danish regulatory schemes (Demolition Industry's Environmental Control Scheme and the control scheme under the Danish Asbestos Association), which independently inspect that our environmental remediation is conducted correctly.