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Environmental cleanup

Kingo performs controlled and efficient environmental cleanups

If you own a building that is to be demolished, you are obliged to ensure that environmentally hazardous substances are identified and separated from materials that can be recycled. There are special regulations governing the disposal of asbestos, PCB, lead, mould and heavy metals.

Kingo has the know-how and skills needed to:

  • locate substances that are hazardous to the environment (environmental screening and mapping)
  • remove environmentally hazardous substances (environmental cleanup) prior to demolition. Hazardous substances are removed environmentally responsibly and their removal is fully documented.

We conduct:

  • Environmental screening and mapping work
  • Environmental cleanup:

- Asbestos


- Mould

- Lead

- Other heavy metals

Fully documented safety, environmental responsibility and recycling

When Kingo's specially trained employees are assigned to an environmental cleanup, you can rest assured that the working environmental and natural environmental regulations and rules regarding correct disposal are responsibly managed from start to finish.

In every project, we ensure via quality procedures that you, our client, can rest assured that every safety and environmental regulation is complied with and every neighbour's needs respected. When we have completed our environmental cleanup, you will receive a full report, describing precisely how we carried it out. This means that you can, if necessary, subsequently produce documentation for the process.

Accredited and fully controlled environmental cleanup

Kingo holds quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (OHSAS 18001) certificates.

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If you have questions about our demolition services or wish to request a no-obligation offer, please call us on: +45 87 22 90 00.