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DLG and Hedegaard, Aalborg
Aalborg, Denmark
March 2012 to december 2013

Kingo conducted an environmental cleanup and demolished factory and warehouse buildings as well as offices, laboratories and silo systems on the site of a former farm supplies company, DGL og Hedegaard Grovvarer. 100,000 m2 of buildings were reduced to 80,000 tons of crushed material, of which 8,000 tons were metals, and other products, We used hydraulic excavators and crawler cranes. To minimise environmental impact in Aalborg city centre adjacent to the site, initial processing of demolition material was undertaken on site. Sensitive and listed buildings were monitored throughout the demolition process.

  • Nedbrydning af betonsilo ved DLG
  • Img 4328
  • Nedbrydning af DLG bygning ved brug af kugle
  • Img 5933
  • Img 1915